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At Bouncing Statistics, we strive to better the communities we live in through education, intervention, pro-active measures and assistance. With your support we believe that we can continue to make a significant impact providing special attention to our most deprived communities.


Whilst we've made great strides in our efforts to improve the futures for the upcoming generation, we are aware that we still have a lot to accomplish. Your assistance helps to accelerate our pursuit of this mission. We've had numerous schools contribute via various internal initiatives.


Whilst we are able to work alongside companies to fulfil and meet any corporate social responsibilities and wellbeing objectives. Such partnerships would demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to a fulfilling cause. Whilst allowing your customers to identify your commitment to the local community and an ally pushing forth positive social change.


Through such partnerships we are able to enter the work force and converse with the workface via workshops sessions based around such attitudes and the reasons to maintain high standards, and can make the link for young people needing valuable work experience.




Your donation goes towards the following growth and developments of our projects as listed below:

Initially, The Guide – a free mentoring service to the hardest to reach households. That will benefit voluntary mentors and mentees to provide school resources and equipment. Whilst allowing the participants to be the beneficiary of enrichment activities.


The next tier is the provision of online resources and scholarships, these beneficiaries will receive aid via scholarships. Allowing them to obtain learning equipment for university, whether this be the purchasing of textbooks or obtaining a personal laptop.


Lastly, further funds will be utilised to support an overseas project. Having partnered with a school in Mangula, Tanzania, there is a growing need to develop sustainability. As such funds will be utilised to provide the school with learning materials, agriculture support and much more.


Throughout, we shall be able to provide a full account of such support and give an update of the projects.

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If you would like to volunteer your time, we believe that this is invaluable, where young people can learn from your experiences and journey. Often, we wish to create various projects, but it simply isn’t feasible due to capacity.

If you have any ideas or want to get on board in any capacity, please do let us know and we shall look at onboarding you for an existing project. Or alternatively considering your experiences to begin a project which fits all parties.

Contact us now to get involved!


At Bouncing Statistics, we often hold many events, whether it be giveaways, food stalls, and even music festivals. Or events have been created as a means to bring the community together and close a pre-existing gap which is on show in our communities.


Check our events schedule to get involved and to stay up to date with the latest developments.

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