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At Bouncing Statistics, our aim is to overcome the misunderstood conception affecting the youth of today who don’t have the same level of opportunity and access to resources as their peers.

Not only do we strive to make change in the local communities, we also partner with other various organisations and charities. This is to spread our influence nationally and globally help impact the lives of many.


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West Midlands Police

Bouncing Statistics are a delivery of training to the West Midlands Police work force. Delivering the intertwined project, to discuss issues surrounding stop and search, whilst looking to bridge the gap between the police and the community. We utilise the very experiences of the community and provide training to better equip officers to liaise with members of the public. Throughout data is obtained to determine the development of officers, to ensure that they are better equipped to help the communities in which they serve.

National Health Service

Bouncing Statistics are working with the NHS to create "Hear My Voice". An open conversation to bridge the gap between the community, the police force and the health service to help build a brighter future for the next generation. With them, we will cover topics such as stop and search, mental health and policing in the community

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Vision Acting

With Vision Acting CIC being the first free acting school within the country, we hold many of the same values for those wishing to progress. We have therefore, worked closely with the acting school to provide wellbeing sessions throughout their delivery.


To ensure that not only are the actors learning skills to assist them on their journey within the entertainment industry. But we as an organisation are able to assist them as individuals from a humanistic element. Ensuring that mentally they are well, and they walk away from the acting school with further skills needed to succeed, irrespective of what field they should pursue.

Mangula Primary School

We have since connected and partnered with Mangula Primary School, based in Tanzania. Following our overseas project and trip, we regular liaise with the setting, updating staff on the latest teaching techniques.Whilst creating the link between the school in Tanzania and others locally, allowing external links to develop various learning opportunities. Furthermore, we continue to support Mangula by providing resources to assist the students. We are excited of the developments to come and look to raise the standards of education for all.

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