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"Overcoming the misunderstood conception"

What We Do

Bouncing Statistics is a local community interest company based in Birmingham that exists to support and develop young people aged 3-25 in Birmingham to ‘bounce statistics’ and achieve greatness despite any adversities, stereotypes or barriers they have to overcome.

Bouncing Statistics provides young people with the skills and experiences which are vital for everyday life in pursuit of their goals and targets.


Our History

 Bouncing Statistics is a social enterprise formed in 2019 to support and develop young people from the ages of 3 to 25. From the outset there was a real drive and want to change the circumstances for many of the underprivileged by the co-founders. As a result, Bouncing Statistics was born. This concept is to enable those to become better, be better and do better, than what their normality would suggest. It has been pivotal to create links with local stakeholders, such as schools, community centres and other organisations to ensure that we have a positive impact. All whilst ensuring that we keep ourselves accountable to ensure that our services are effective. 


Our Mission

To create a world where generations are inspired to look beyond their normality

Vision Statement 

Creating a future where the statistic doesn’t define you

Cutout Stars

Our Values

We feel that all those deserve the opportunity to be great, despite their race, sex, background or beliefs.


The above values epitomise what we are about and what we believe in at Bouncing Statistics. We have set out to achieve greatness through helping others and will continue to do so in all that we are involved in. 

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