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At Bouncing Statistics, we know that effective intervention and support is required to enhance the outcomes for beneficiaries. Therefore, we have developed a range of services that allow one to bridge the gap, thus improving behaviour, attainment, engagement and reducing physical inactivity.


The Shining Light Mentoring

The Shining Light Programme does just that, it accentuates and magnifies the positive skills and traits of pupils assisting them to become the shining light that educators can often see.

At Bouncing Statistics, we are aware that many students face challenges both within school and at home. It can be difficult for educational settings to provide the necessary resources to support the young person. Here we work holistically alongside SENDCo’s, Pastoral leads and SLT to support their young people.


Schools can expect to have an experienced and relatable mentor, a proven programme which not only improves behaviour, but also inspires the passive learners. With key indicators showing improvements for attendance, punctuality, readiness to learn and confidence. This approach has enabled the development of many young people to take their steps forward towards a brighter future. The Shining Light Programme is beneficial to both primary and secondary school students and will be adapted dependant on the participant.


Whilst we are able to accommodate and work with a group of schools, whether this be via locality DLP approaches, academies or definitive consortium objectives. Allowing us to build a model to support a number of schools in accordance with your needs for your given project.

"What I enjoy about being a mentee is that I get to learn from someone with experience which encourages me." 

- Mentee Testimony -

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