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Research-Led & Impact Driven

In a field where educational standards in mentoring are often lacking, Bouncing Statistics stands out by grounding all our approaches in rigorous research.
We are not just plastering over social issues; we are dedicated to making real, sustainable change.
Our methodologies are designed to address the root causes of challenges faced by the youth and to empower them to overcome these barriers.

Our Commitment

- Evidence-Based Methods
- Innovative Solutions
-Long Term
We are also continuously developing partnerships with schools to overhaul and upskill staff on the best behavioural techniques to engage pupils, boost attendance, reduce poor behaviour, reduce passive learning and create a better learning environment for both students and staff. We look to do this by utilising a holistic approach, which takes into account not only pupils, but school staff and the parents/carers.

Cultural Relevance

Cultural competence is at the heart of our programmes. We design our services to be culturally relevant and sensitive, ensuring that every participant feels seen, heard, and respected.
Our ongoing research and feedback mechanisms help us stay attuned to the cultural dynamics of the communities we serve.
This commitment to cultural relevance enhances engagement and effectiveness, making our educational interventions more impactful.

Year 8 AH

The mentoring sessions have helped a lot by improving my behaviour. I am not perfect, but I feel that i have made a lot of progress and feel as though im heading in the right direction.

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