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Rackeem Reid


As the CEO of Bouncing Statistics, Rackeem brings a unique blend of legal expertise and educational advocacy to the organisation. Holding a Law LLB and an LLM in Sports Law, Rackeem is currently exploring the possibility of pursuing a PhD in Education, aiming to deepen their understanding of educational practices and policies.

In addition to their academic achievements, Rackeem serves as a school governor, contributing to the strategic development of educational policies. Their role underscores a commitment to fostering inclusive learning environments.

With a passion for mentoring and social impact, Rackeem leads Bouncing Statistics with vision and integrity. Their leadership drives the organisation’s mission to empower young people from marginalised communities, boosting confidence, personal development, and academic attainment.


Joel Ambalu

Operations Lead

As the Operations Lead at Bouncing Statistics, Joel brings a wealth of expertise in education, particularly in the areas of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Autism. With numerous qualifications and extensive experience in these fields, Joel is adept at developing and implementing effective strategies to support diverse learning needs.

In addition to their educational qualifications, Joel applies their skills as a coach for a female football team, demonstrating a commitment to both academic and extracurricular development. This unique blend of experience enables them to manage and enhance operations with a focus on inclusivity and holistic development.

Joel plays a crucial role in overseeing daily operations, ensuring that Bouncing Statistics delivers high-quality programs and support. Their deep understanding of SEND and Autism, coupled with their coaching background, enriches the organisation’s approach to empowering young people, fostering an environment where every individual can thrive.

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Ryan Blackwood

Lead DSL

Ryan brings a decade of experience in sports management to the role. Their extensive background in the sports industry has equipped them with a deep understanding of safeguarding principles and the critical importance of ensuring a safe environment for young people.

With a robust career spanning ten years, Ryan has honed their skills in risk assessment, policy development, and crisis management, applying these competencies to protect and support vulnerable individuals. Their experience in sports management has provided them with unique insights into the dynamics of youth engagement and the challenges associated with safeguarding in both recreational and educational settings.

Ryan is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and well-being within Bouncing Statistics. They work diligently to implement comprehensive safeguarding protocols, ensuring that all practices are aligned with current regulations and best practices.

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Bobbi-Ann Taylor

Office manager

As the Office Manager at Bouncing Statistics, Bobbi-Ann is the essential glue that keeps the company's operations running smoothly. With a CIPD HR qualification, Bobbi brings a deep understanding of human resources and organisational management to their role.

Bobbi-Ann efficiently handles a range of administrative tasks, from managing office operations to coordinating between departments, ensuring that everything functions seamlessly. Their expertise in HR helps streamline recruitment, employee relations, and compliance, contributing significantly to the company's overall success.

Their dedication and organisational skills ensure that Bouncing Statistics remains a well-oiled machine, allowing the team to focus on its mission to empower young people. Put in short Bobbi is crucial in maintaining a productive and supportive work environment for all staff.

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