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Grayson Ellis Jr

Head of Operations

My hobbies include writing and creating music within the genres of grime and hip hop, I also partake in the sport of football upon a weekend and attend the gym. 

Due to my love of the sport I’m also a football coach and have helped work with teams from under 12 level up to under 16. Currently I take up the position of assistant manager of Bartley Reds under 14's football team.

My reason for being a co-founder within Bouncing Statistics is to ensure that children and young people have more positive guidance to enable them to achieve their chosen goal. It’s very easy for young people to now become trapped in the harsh narrative created by the environment and systems we live in. However I’m a true believer in that we are all capable of achieving great things within life and sometimes, just like in football, if you have the crowd cheering you on until final whistle it makes the task a whole lot easier.


Rackeem Reid

Head of Business Development

My main interests are that of sport and currently I am a semi-professional football. And look to play both as a matter of expression and to improve. 

I also hold a high interest and take much gratification from seeing people push to fulfil their potential. And endeavour to provide those with active solutions to do so. 

This links to my reasoning and the want for the conception of Bouncing Statistics, as I believe we all are bound for greatness. But often it is the very circumstances around us which create the statistics which needs to be bounced.

A fun fact to put a smile on your face is believe it or not I once featured on teletubbies, does that now make me a celebrity?

Ryan Blackwood

Head of Marketing

I have a wide range of hobbies as i’m into fitness and I enjoy taking part in different sports such as football, basketball, badminton & boxing. 

On the flip side I’m also into the fashion industry. I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest fashion week shows and i'm intrigued by the fabrics which make up the garments.

My reason for co-founding Bouncing Statistics is that I felt like there was something missing with our communities. I also feel our education system is not helping the next generation reach and achieve there goals with down to earth guidance, whilst leaving a lasting legacy.


...we are a FAMILY

Modern Architecture



James Taylor

Visual Lead

My main interests are photography and videography and I most of my other interests lie within the creative fields. Such as fashion, film and design. I like to use all these interest to further fuel my own creative endeavours.

In addition to this I have a keen interest in fitness, which has been lifelong. So you'll often find me trying out new sports and practices such as football, running, weightlifting or yoga.

Personally I would describe myself as optimistic and I am a person who is always looking to improve in whatever I do. I want to bring this attitude to the team, along with my creative skills to not only help Bouncing Statistics become a well polished brand, but to also help communicate our core values across all platforms.

'What's important about having a good team around you, is that when I fall off, I've got others around me to pick me back up and vice versa. It helps us stay on track with the mission'
- Rackeem Reid - 

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